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Hormonal Imbalance Is Best Treated Naturally

By admin On April 29, 2012 Under Articles

Hormones are tiny little chemical messengers that travel around our body delivering information and passing instructions for the effective functioning of the various organs. We have to care about hormones because, if these messengers don’t do what they are supposed to, our health degrades. Like any other malfunctioning unit our body sends out signals of warning too, most of the time indicating the internal condition. Many of us are ignorant and fail to pay attention to these signals, probably simply because we don’t know if that is even a warning.

Overall Overhaul of Your Health

There are a combination of internal and external indicators to identify Hormonal Imbalance. Some are quite obvious when you look at your reflection in the mirror and many are simply masked, to the extent that you will probably think it is a natural feeling.  Have you ever wondered why some of us develop a bulge in the waist line even though we eat less , sleep well and exercise regularly ? Or have you ever wondered why you have those dark circles around your eyes? And what about those moonless nails , is that normal?  Sleepless Nights? Skin disorders ? Stress? Hypertension? Weakened libido?– whatever it is,  the problem lies deep under your skin inside your body and it is important you know what it is and how to address it.

“More women suffer from hormonal imbalance than men” – Is this true? No, this is a myth. However, the above statement is true if it is to be understood as, – it is the female hormone (estrogen) that acts as a main trigger in causing hormonal imbalance. Men and women share a great deal of the same hormones but in varying quantities. The way hormones interact with each other dictates the well being of our healthy immune system.

In both males and females, one of the most common causes of hormonal imbalance is the increased production of estrogen, which cannot be balanced by progesterone. These two hormones work together, such that, an increase in one-hormone gives way to an increase in the other hormone and decrease when the other falls. However, when estrogen levels rapidly increase and progesterone fails to catch up, this gives way to radical hormonal imbalance. The most crucial points for hormonal shift in a woman are during the period of ovulation, monthly periods and menopause.  In males as they age there is a gradual decrease in testosterone and increase in estrogen levels.

Externally, both Men and women are prone to estrogen mimicking chemicals that elevate the concerns; these are usually industrial chemicals and toxins present in food, water and air. Living in polluted environments leads to a higher concentration of toxin collection in our bodies.  Other simple factors such as: your growing age; cultural eating habits; usage of petrochemical products -herbicides; pesticides; fungicides; pest spray, plastics, heavy metals, and industrial poisons, all contribute towards causing an hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance in women is often indicative, if you experience one or all of the following symptoms regularly:  headaches, dizziness, fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, urinary tract infection, obesity, wrinkles on the skin as well as other problems like water retention and bloating.

In men, an immediate and most obvious indicator of hormonal imbalance is gaining weight around the waist, decreased libido, impotence, irritation, alteration in moods, depression, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement, heart disease and prostate diseases.

Modern medicines are not always effective in balancing your hormones, in fact several examples of research provide proof of adverse side effects. The focus of cure while using drugs and therapies are mostly to combat the symptoms or keep them under control, not eradicate them.  That is why, the best way to tackle hormonal imbalance is by adapting to natural methods.

By going natural you are treating the root cause.  Natural treatment focuses on eradicating the accumulated toxins from inside, cleanses your body using ‘detoxification’ process, and once that is accomplished the body gradually rejuvenates its powers to balance out the hormone generation in the body.  This natural process helps you to reverse the damage caused by hormonal imbalance and strengthen the immune system.

If you missed it last time, come and join me in my most demanding seminar ‘Overall Overhaul of your Health’, where I will give away the secrets of maintaining good health and teach you how to prepare your very own ‘natural first aid kit ‘.  Learn how to identify the warning signs your body is giving and how to combat them naturally. There is a lot more information I will be giving away in this 3-hour session. Be prepared, meet the like-minded natural health lovers and become your household’s ‘Witch Doctor’.

overall overhaul of your health

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