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About Michelle


Michelle, the founder of BestDietsEver, is an Iridologist, Reflexologist and Wellness consultant practicing in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Seoul, Korea. She gives lectures on diet, weight loss, and detoxification in the New York Wholistic Care clinic in Seoul and Colombo, as well as to various organizations and women’s groups. A passionate Iridologist and wellness guru, Michelle continues her education in the field of Naturopathy with Health Schools Australia to be able to help her family and patients achieve wellness and optimal health through nature and all things natural.


Everyone has their own story to tell about how they began their quest for health. My story is so long, I can write a whole book from it (hahaha….not a bad idea….perhaps I will). But to give you the gist of it, let me just say that it began in 2002 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and told that I had to take steroids and stay on it for life.

I opted not to and with the support of my specialist, I looked for an alternative solution. Through my quest for this perfect solution, I went through several natural practitioners, integrated medicine doctors, and alternative options. I went from cutting rice from my diet (rice is a staple i had for all 3 meals of the day) to staying away from half the stuff I was eating, as one of the specialists I went to found that I had an intolerance for all of them.

During this time, I received an email from my mom, asking me to check out a book called ‘Listen to your Gut’.  This book was amazing as it showed me, what seemed to be, a tested and proven way of getting rid of my Crohn’s or putting it into remission.  I gave the 6-week shake diet (called the elemental diet) a go, and it proved to be a very good choice for me.

After the 6 month period my doctor gave me, I went back to him for a check up and interview……from which we found that I was in remission from my Crohn’s. He instructed me to come back after 1 year to do another colonoscopy to see where things were at.

Every now and then, when I haven’t been careful with my diet, I would feel the stabbing pains (not quite as strong and as regularly as before). But when I do, I give myself a total overhaul. This overhaul has caused me to constantly look for that perfect diet that would keep my health at its optimum levels all the time. I have to say that at this stage in my life, the green smoothies seem to be the one that gives me the health, vitality, energy, and calm that no other foods can.

I discovered the green smoothie diet from Kedar at the Temple of Peace in Maui where we had our cleanse in 2009. He lent me a book of Victoria Boutenko’s called Green For Life and I tried the recipes, and was converted. I went back to Seoul, preaching about the diet and incorporating it into my patients’ programs. My family has been on it as well, and we have just reaped very good benefits from it. Whenever we get lazy and decide we need a change, or when things just get in the way and we are unable to be on it, we feel the difference and jump right back into having green smoothies again.

I am not saying that green smoothies are the be-all and end-all. This page is here for us to see if there is anything else out there. I am also one person that keeps looking for what is good out there. However, with the benefits I am reaping, and considering that green smoothies takes up only part of my daily dietary program, I have to say that it is one addition I am not looking at getting rid of any time soon. After all, isn’t eating fresh whole foods the best way to stay healthy.


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